If XXXTentacion fans are one thing, it's devoutly loyal. Many who support the slain rapper do so with a fervor uncommon for an artist so young. Still, something about X seemed to resonate with a legion of fans, who continue to keep his legacy alive through all manner of methodology. Now, it would appear that X's likeness is being immortalized across the world in the form of several elaborate murals.

The artwork, which depicts all manners of variations, from blue-haired form to his infancy, has been emerging in places like Branson, Barcelona, Tokyo, Oakland, Sydney, Cape Town, London, San Francisco, Florida, Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paolo, and more. The campaign is being orchestrated at X's official website, which you can check out here

Interestingly enough, the emergence of XXXTentacion murals coincides with another occurrence of Members Only marketing. Ski Mask The Slump God found his Stokeley album cover popping up across various North American retailers to hilarious results; check that out right here. In truth, the movement is powerful to behold, and speaks to the impact X had during his brief artistic run.