Ski Mask The Slump God's Stokeley is rapidly gaining traction as one of the 2018's breakout surprises. Fans have long known the rapper to be talented, but previous releases felt incomplete and rushed, leaving many seeking the quintessential Ski Mask project. Luckily, Stokeley found Ski in fine form, and currently stands as his strongest body of work thus far. It's no wonder that his loyalists have decided to paint the town in his honor, taking to local retailers with one goal in mind: vandalism-based marketing. 

XXL got word that some unnamed fans took to the shopping mall with Stokeley printouts in hand, and proceeded to fill each and every available frame with the Slump God's likeness. In truth, the effect is vaguely comedic, as the regal album artwork certainly has elements of "stock photo." It's entirely possible that curious shoppers ignorant of the deeper hip-hop landscape thought little of the picture, and simply opted to take a gander at the kind, dashing fellow. 

What might you do, if you were perusing the local store and found yourself faced with a dozen Stokeleys? The Slump God's presence knows no boundaries.