Earlier this month, it was reported that WWE legend, Vader, hadย passed away following a severe case of pneumonia. In even more sad news, Matt Cappotelli, a promising WWE star, has passed away Friday after a long struggle with Glioblastoma, a tough form of brain cancer.

Cappotelli had previously won the Tough Enough III wrestling reality competition series. WWE posted a notice of his death on Facebook, where they referred to him as a "promising superstar."

Cappotelli's fight with brain cancer was a lengthy one. He had had his wrestling career cut short ten years ago after having a brain tumor surgically removed, and then had another one removed in June of 2017, according to TMZ. Regardless, he kept fighting until the very end.

His wife, Lindsay, announced the news on her Instagram page. "One year ago today, I heard the four words I never wanted to hear from Matt: 'the tumor came back.'," she wrote. "After 10 years being cancer free, my husbandโ€™s tumor had grown back and as a much more aggressive form this time-the dreaded Grade 4 Glioblastoma."

"I have shared this journey with you all throughout this last year in hopes that it will inspire and encourage all of you who are going through trials, or will go through them," she continued. "Because at some point, we all do."

Cappotelli was 38 when he passed away. He will be surely missed by his family and wrestling fans all over the world. Read his wife's dedication to Cappotelli below.