Wonder Woman 1984 debuted on HBO Max yesterday (Christmas Day), and fans are loving the sequel. Overall, it appears both critics and fans agree that the film is as good as the original, but falls short of being a better film. The action is amazing, the story is emotional, and the DCEU has another successful Wonder Woman movie. As with most superhero films these days, WW84 featured a mid-credits scene. Of course, there are spoilers ahead. 

In the mid-credits scene, a dark-haired woman rescues a group of people from a falling pole. As one of them tries to thank her, she turns around and the audience sees that it is not Gal Gadot. Instead, it is Lynda Carter, who is the first actress to portray Wonder Woman on the CBS television show of the 70s. She calls herself Asteria, which connects back to the golden armor that Wonder Woman wears earlier in the film.

Fans are speculating that this will tie into Flashpoint, the superhero film starring the Scarlet Speedster. In Flashpoint, universe warping events occur that will allow for older actors to play their veteran selves in future films and shows. For example, Michael Keaton is coming back as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Flashpoint. The arrival of Lynda Carter appears to be connecting to Flash in some way, but we will have to wait to find out.