Wiz Khalifa has recently been getting back into the groove of things, dropping two new tracks in the past two weeks. One of them, "Look Into My Eyes," was labelled as a single off his forthcoming album Blacc Hollywood, while the other was in celebration of the release of his Converse shoe line, "Look What I Got On." In a new interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Wiz discusses the single and album, as well as his deal with his favorite shoe company.

A release date has yet to be revealed for Blacc Hollywood, however, Wiz is trying to lock one down, as he tells Whoo Kid, "I'm tryna drop it definitely in [the fourth quarter], maybe at the end of the third quarter, that's why I'm here now, promoting Juicy's shit and really tryna get a release date for the album, I got a lot of songs, we got videos in the tuck, so we just really tryna get that release date."

Wiz went on to speak on the Sledgren-produced "Look Into My Eyes," and how it's kind of a song towards the haters. "I recorded that song ["Look Into My Eyes"] for Blacc Hollywood so hopefully it makes the album, if it doesn't, cool, people got it."

He continued to explain the song, "People could take that personally, and be like, is he saying that to me, it makes people think, it's thought-provoking. So I put that out there."

When asked if it was towards K. Dot given the whole "Control" frenzy (and the fact that Wiz wasn't mentioned on Kendrick's verse), Wiz replies, "Nah, Kendrick's my boy." Wiz went on to confirm he didn't get a shout out, and then joked that maybe his name was whispered on the song, "He didn't. Not unless he whispered it."

The conversation was mainly focused on Blacc Hollywood, and the Pittsburgh native revealed that you can expect more Weeknd x Wiz on the new album. "Yeah he is [on the album]," Wiz said. "I was sitting with him at the VMAs, we got destroyed, so drunk. It was unprofessional. We gunna do some records for this album, and he actually gunna get in the video this time." 

Another artist Wiz is looking to feature is mega pop star Lady Gaga. Would you be interested in hearing that collaboration? The rapper says to Whoo Kid, "I really, really, really wanna do a song with Lady Gaga. I'm gunna do a song with Lady Gaga so watch out for that."

Finally, Wiz revealed his early thoughts for what he wants to do with the Blacc Hollywood cover art. "I was thinking about having my head in the middle, and just a bunch of tits around it. Just different assortments of nipples and boobs."

Check out the full 17-minute interview below. Who would you like to see on Blacc Hollywood?