Back in February, a couple photos were snapped of Kanye West and Will Smith in the studio together. While there was much speculation around the pairing, it was unclear whether they were just jamming, or actually working on some recordings, and if so, whose project they would appear on.

While still remaining fairly tight-lipped about the whole thing, Will confirmed that some music had been kicking around between the two. “I been messing around with Kanye,” he said. “We went into the studio a couple times, so I might get the bug. I’m not going to do it unless I’m truly inspired, but Kanye’s been pushing me a little bit.”

Will gave off the impression that whatever the two have been working on, it was more likely for a song of his own, rather than something to appear on Ye's new album, but with Yeezy, anything could happen.

Watch the excerpt from the interview below.