Yesterday, Will Smith turned 50-years-old and he decided to get a little extreme, celebrating in style by jumping out of a helicopter into the Grand Canyon. He had been hyping up the adventure on his social media platforms all day yesterday, inviting fans to tune into a live-stream on YouTube. Some believed that he would chicken out of it, opting to live another day. Will was having absolutely none of that though as the actor put his life into the hands of a mechanical bungee cord, jumping out of an aircraft and taking an incredible risk on his birthday.

The preparation was captured in the video, as well as the actual jump and the aftermath. Thankfully, Will was instructed on how to properly perform a bungee-jumping stunt out of the helicopter. If he hadn't been surrounded by professionals, this may have gone completely differently. Of course, the entire experience had to have been incredibly nerve-wracking for the entertainer but once he dove out of the helicopter, adrenaline surely kicked in as he let out a primal yell to all the people watching him in person. Willow and Jaden Smith were in the crowd, visibly excited about their risktaking father going through with his promise. 

Watch the full video below to see Will bungee-jump into the Grand Canyon and let us know if you would ever even consider doing this.