Will Smith has a new series of fragrances...well, sort of. The rapper-actor recently saw a fake fragrance ad meme of Samuel L. Jackson floating around and wanted a piece of the action. In Jackson's faux ad, his cologne is called "Mothafuqueur," and Smith reposted the image, captioning the photo, "Hahahaha! Y’all play too much. :-) Who did this? Somebody do Mine." The internet never disappoints and Smith couldn't help but share a few of his favorites.

Smith's mock fragrances include "Da's Hawt: A New Fragrance By Will Smith," "Fraiche Prince," "Aw Hel'nue: A New Fragrance By Will Smith," "PSSSHHH: A New Fragrance By The Fresh Prince," "Fresh Fuqueur," and "Wes Filét Willé." We can only hope that one of these ideas will come to life and hit the market soon. Yet, Smith already has a full plate and continues to add on new projects as they arise.

He's working on Bad Boys III with Martin Lawrence, a movie that fans have begged for now for 16 years. Also, Smith is sharing his adventures with fans on his Facebook special, Will Smith's Bucket List, and recently it was announced that the 50-year-old will star in King Richard, a biopic about Richard Williams, father and coach to champion, superstar tennis players sisters Venus and Serena Williams. There has been controversy surrounding Smith's inclusion in the project, as he's slated to play Richard Williams and some have sparked a debate regarding colorism in Hollywood due to the casting decision.