Wendy Williams has been dealing with a lot of personal and health issues in recent times which have impacted her professional career. To make matters worse, a fan of her show is accusing the staff of discriminating against her and her two friends due to their race and their age.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images 

Diane Stevens, a 60-year-old white woman who frequently attends talk show hosts, says she showed up to the Feb. 14 taping of the show along with two friends. After being let into the audience, she claims that the audience coordinator took their tickets from them and gave them to three young African-American women. 

“I was coming from The Bronx, and I had to take a bus and two trains,” Stevens told Page Six. â€œSo because we have canes they let us sit down inside the audience holding [area]. Then the audience coordinator comes on the headset and she looks at us and says into the headset, ‘I am taking the tickets from the older people," she continued. “It was so humiliating."

A spokesperson for the show responded to the allegations in a statement, saying, “We have the best audience in daytime and we provide a welcoming, fun environment for all of Wendy’s co-hosts [as Williams refers to her audience].”

In other Wendy-related news, she revealed that she was living in a sober house to deal with her substance abuse issues.