Cartoon Network has been teasing the return of Samurai Jack for about a month now, and today they finally shared the first official trailer for the cult-favorite show via Toonami. We don’t have much to work off of, but the revival is looking pretty good.

Taking the same approach as many modern revivals, the trailer puts the hero Jack in a dark place. He’s been stuck in the future for over 50 years with no way of getting home, and he’s starting to get apathetic about the possibility of stopping Aku, especially since he’s stopped aging. Jack sounds much rougher around the edges and he’s now sports a grizzly beard. His sword is also mysteriously missing.

The animation looks on point as ever, with a slightly more mature aesthetic (blood & guns!). Samurai Jack returns on March 11. Cartoon Network is calling it a “limited series,” so make sure to enjoy Season 5 while it lasts.