Duke's junior shooting guard Grayson Allen will be under a microscope for the rest of the season given his track record of dirty plays, including blatantly tripping a handful of opposing players. 

Over the weekend, Allen once again found himself tangled up with a couple of Louisville players on two separate occasions, one of which earned him a slap in the face. The ACC has already ruled that Donovan Mitchell's slap was inadvertent so he won't be facing any punishment, and rightfully so. 

After the game (in which Louisville won 78-69), Louisville coach Rick Pitino defended Allen's string of tripping incidents, suggesting they're just an unfortunate "reflex."

"I happen to think (the times Allen has tripped opponents), it's a reflex action like someone throwing an elbow," Pitino said. "He's a highly, highly intelligent young man. So why would you do it? I think he's a terrific young man who made a mistake, and you know, he made three of them. But I think it's a reflex action when he does something wrong; he'll lunge out or he'll trip somebody. But he's a good person. I know he's a good person. I checked it out."

Check out the two clips below of Allen incidentally tripping Louisville's Quentin Snider and then getting slapped by Donovan Mitchell while the two were tangled up on the court.