Backed by Sonny Digital on the 1's and 2s (the track is also co-produced by Mathaius Young), Kyle, Boogie and Amine effortlessly trade verses for their Freshman Class freestyle. Each artist has a unique cadence and approach to their art and they seem like a good trio to toss on a cypher together.

"Got flow so old I could spit em in Latin, my n**** what's happenin', only thing you blowin' up is a mattress, I'm in the studio makin' a classic," spits Kyle in his signature flow, he even takes a crack at his own small speech impediment at one point in his verse.

Boogie and Amine also deliver fresh, lyrical flows as well and overall it's impressive. Together, these three are arguably some of the most creative and original out of this year's class. They also had some of the more interesting freestyles among their peers. 

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