This might be the first time some people see Kim Kardashian West participate in an actual sport. From the jump, she chose a particularly hard one to master: wakesurfing. The public figure tried her hand at the wave-riding sport during a family trip. They made their way to a lake in North Idaho in celebration of the 4th of July. So while many were pondering the repercussions of colonialism and its contemporary residuals, Kardashian West was documenting her newfound moves on the waves. Check it:

Unlike wakeboarding, which entails the surfer’s feet being attached to the board, wakesurfing similar to regular surfer that requires the surfer to balance their weight against the board on their own. The shorter rope also makes the sport more difficult. If these clips were taken during the same session, it's safe to say she pwnd it as a beginner. Other activities she considered over the holiday involved trampolines and waterslides. The makeup mogul still took time to document the “cute” parts of her trip on her Snapchat to complement the sporty stories she posted.

Seems like the fam had plenty of ways to have fun in honor of Independence Day. Other celebrities have shared their own styles of celebration. A roundup of their various activities is available here.