Yesterday Donald Trump got shut down after claiming he looked like Elvis when he was younger, which he did not. The exact quote, from a rally in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis' home town, was: “I shouldn’t say this. You’ll say I’m very conceited, because I’m not. Other than the blond hair, when I was growing up they said I looked like Elvis. Can you believe it? I always considered that a great compliment.” 

This comment was too good to be true for musically-inclined critics of the President, such as Jimmy Fallon, who parodied the statement on a segment of The Tonight Show last night. Fallon got dressed up as a version of Donald Trump dressed up as Elvis and deftly sings a White House version of "Jailhouse Rock" filtered through Elvis and Trump (was he inspired by Ariana Grande's Celine Dion impression?).

The song details the legal troubles that are being faced not so much by Trump himself (somehow), but almost everyone who surrounds him: "everybody with a White House job was dancing to the jailhouse rock." There's a reference to Paul Manafort lying under oath and to Robert Mueller's testimony about Russian interference in the election.Perhaps most impressive, though, was his ability to fit the name of George Papadopoulos's name into a song (Papadopoulos' was actually just sent to prison for lying to the FBI about his involvement with Russian intermediaries leading up to the 2016 election).