Ice Cube's Big3 League had their first annual draft over the weekend (results here) and now the eight teams in the league have roughly two months to get ready for the first game of the season which will take place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on June 25th.

In addition to getting back into game shape and learning how to mesh with their new teammates, the retired NBA players who are taking part in the Big3 will also need to learn some new rules because this 3on3 league has some unique twists.

For instance, there will be a four-point circle located 30 feet from the hoop. If a player gets fouled while shooting a two, they'll head to the free throw line for ONE shot worth two points. If they get fouled shooting a three, they get one shot from behind the arc for the chance to get three points.

Most of the other rules are about what you'd expect from a playground-inspired 3on3 league.

Watch as Ice Cube breaks down some of the Big3 rules with Michael Rapaport.