Wanda Sykes is indubitably the talk of the town right now and we mean this in a positive way, of course. The release of the comedy veteran's Netflix special, Not Normal, certainly reminded fans why Entertainment Weekly named her one of the 25 funniest people in America. A clip of the hilarious comedy revival can be found here. Moreover, with three decades of telling jokes under her belt, a comedy special only seemed timely. And now as with all releases, the comedian is making her rounds with multiple news outlets to promote the show. As such, most recently, Wanda Sykes sat down with WIRED for a comical autocomplete interview wherein she answered questions from fans via the web.

Precisely, the questions found herein stemmed from the most common Google researches surrounding Wanda. Of the many inquiries stated, there was "How is Wanda Sykes," and "how to get Wanda Sykes hairstyle," a question to which the comedian hilariously responded, "an electrical outlet, just stick your fingers right in there." Other topics discussed include what character Wanda Sykes plays on Blackish and more. Indeed the interview is tearjerking but also lets viewers get the answers to the most intriguing questions they ever had about Sykes.