Wale recently chopped it up with the minds over at Billboard, where he proceeded to reveal a glimpse into his future plans. Luckily, the rapper has been been in “a very creative space" for a minute now, and has kept himself busy in the studio. "I’m always working,” he teases, promising a music video for his "Black Bonnie" single dropping tomorrow, and a new album still in the works. "I’m definitely going to drop a new music project very very soon,” he says, keeping things otherwise close to the chest. Still, not all his creative endeavors are necessarily tied to music. 

In fact, Wale has been setting his sights on Hollywood, despite having to overcome a few hurdles. "Right now I’m trying to get into film and there have been some walls in front of me that I wasn’t expecting, that I probably wouldn’t have had to go through five or ten years ago,” he admits. “It’s a difficult industry. It’s also small. There’s regular Hollywood and there’s black Hollywood and trying to find your way is tough. There are certain circles. There is no rhyme or reason why this person got this role or why this person is. It’s really hard to explain.” Hopefully the rapper can keep his head up, as sometimes the simplest way to the top is to forego the norm and pave one's own way.

In the mean time, keep a watchful eye on Wale's various social media platforms for any updates on his forthcoming content.