Wale put out a hit album last year, but his angry phonecall to Complex in wake of them leaving The Gifted off of their year end list ended his 2013 on a weird note. In a new sit-down with the Breakfast Club, Wale elaborated on why the lack of recognition bothers him so much, revealed plans for his next album, and explained how his fans are the key to taking him to the next level in his career.

The DC rapper began by comparing his lack of critical respect to being denied a raise at your job. "All the niggas saying he whining, complaining and bitching, think of me the next time you want that motherfucking raise that you know you earned, and they front on you," he said. "I want you to think of me at that particular moment, because a lot of us work hard."

Wale spoke of how his success will be dependent on his fans over anything else. "If I'm going to get to that next level, it's gonna be through the people, he explained. "It's not gonna be how Drake got it, he's a media darling, it's not gonna be how Cole got it, he's a media darling, it's not gonna be how Kendrick got it, he's a media darling. It ain't about talent, 'cause I can keep up with all them."

The Gifted's chart triumph was mainly due to the strong radio showing of the rapper's singles, though Wale stressed that his next album may not be as accessible. "I don't know if I'll have anything for you guys on the radio. I listened to Pusha's album and Yeezus and all that, and I can commend it because it doesn't really fit no mode," he said, explaining that singles may come out organically, but he won't be aiming for the. "If I don't feel like there's something for radio, I'm not gonna not put it out."

The MMG rapper also spoke a bit about his recent Revolt documentary, in which he vistited Nigeria and me his grandfather for the first time. "There isn't really a mission statement behind it." he said, explaining that the doc is meant to give more insight into his personal life. "I'm gonna give a little more of myself up for my fans." 

Watch the full interview below.