Waka Flocka and North Carolina just can't seem to settle their differences. This past year, Waka Flocka was banned from NC for an incident which occurred in 2011 with the Brick Squad's entourage. His entourage opened fire in Charlotte, NC at another car, resulting in two arrests, and a man being shot.

The man who was shot sued Waka Flocka's management, and the result is just in--he was awarded $501,000 in damages. The victim, Antonio Stukes, is to be payed by Mizay Entertainment, which is the company that manages Waka Flocka.

The background story to the Charlotte shoot-out is as follows. In February of 2011 Waka Flocka was at the Car Stereo Warehouse in Charlotte. The rapper was outside the store when two vehicles pulled up, one of them with Stukes. Stukes, who is an aspiring rapper, approached Waka to give him a demo CD, when security guards starting shooting. One of the bullets struck Stukes' shoulder.

A civil court decided that Mizay Entertainment was responsible for the actions of Waka Flocka's security guards, and was liable for Stukes' injury.