Earlier in the week, Waka Flocka caused quite a stir after appearing on Sway In The Morning, and declaring that he was not, in fact, Black.

“My folks is not from Africa,” he noted during the interview. “A lot of people in this room's folks ain't from Africa. Might be a couple, but people just don't understand.…I'm uneducated. I'm confused. But I'm damn sure not Black. You're not gonna call me Black."

In his defense, he went on to explain that the thought stemmed from the idea that white and black races are illusions created in the United States. Nevertheless, not too many were fans of the Atlanta-bred rapper’s opinions.

Late Saturday morning he took to Instagram to post a video clarifying and expounding on his thoughts a little further.

“I been seeing y’all going crazy with this shit I been saying on Sway,” he begins in the clip. “Niggas be like ‘Yo, Waka said he not black.’ You’re right. I’m not the black America calls me. It’s just hard for a nigga to be from the slums, the ghetto, the hood, whatever, and when you become this celebrity you get to walk the world, get to travel around the world, get to touch the people, and you get to find out the truth.”

“When you get back home in what you call America and you start telling the truth,” he continues. “People you see that’s in your community that’s still plugged in the matrix…trapped into what society tells you is reality, and you know it’s not reality, and you know it’s not the truth and it’s hard to explain it cause you truly learning still, you experiencing false statements and false lifestyles, and it’s hard to explain.”

“But, just know my nigga, I’m black,” he adds while putting up air quotes. “But I ain’t the black America say I am. Get the fuck out the matrix, y’all.”

The new clip certainly provides better context to his original thoughts, in which he explained that both of his grandmothers were Native American, and that his bloodline consisted of European and Dominican, causing many to believe he was rejecting any claim to African roots. While he doesn't address anything about ethinicity in the clip, his statements leave room for a logical debate on the concept of race in the States.

Check out his full post below.