Waka Flocka has advocated for various causes that touch home with him in the past, namely, he's worked with PETA to support animal rights. Now the rapper is turning to the human-side of things, joining forces with United In Peace Inc. in an effort to quell the mounting violence in Chicago.

The rapper will host an anti-violence concert in Chicago during the first week of June, which will be held at an undisclosed location. Waka Flocka and United In Peace Inc. are hoping to bring awareness to the people, and stifle senseless acts of violence.

The Atlanta native said in a statement, "Senseless acts of violence [are] happening all over the world, but it starts with us acknowledging the acts now. Chicago is the first but not the last for me."

All proceeds from the concert will go to United In Peace Inc., and there are also plans to tour four high schools in the Chicago area (Phillips, Du Sable, Fenger and Harper), Chicago State University, as well as Chicago State University in order to spread the anti-violence message.