Donata Meirelles has officially stepped down from her position as Vogue Brazil's style director after she got serious backlash for her 50th birthday theme. Photos from the party that took place in Brazil see Donata sitting on an ornate chair with two Black women by her side. People were quick to point out that the women were wearing uniforms that slaves would wear and the chair looked like those owned by slave masters. 

"Hey @CondeNast, Donata Meirelles, the director of Vogue Brazil, had her birthday party inspired in "Brazil Slavery Colonies" and even had black models dressed as slaves to use as photo props. Asking for a friend: does this align with your company's values?" one user wrote on Twitter. 

The publication confirmed to CNN that Donata has resigned, and her position "will be extinguished since it has been designed specifically to her." The statement detailed just how much Donata contributed to the magazine saying she "gave new energy to the magazine."

"We understand and respect her resignation and will be eternally grateful for all the passion and talent she has dedicated to every page she has edited."

Donata responded to the backlash saying "it wasn't a theme party [...] but if it looked otherwise, I'm sorry."