His NFL career spanned from 2004 to 2016 and he's considered to be one of the greatest defensive tackles to have ever played, but Vince Wilfork's latest opponent may be his own son. Sports stars often have to keep their security tight as they have fallen victim to thieves who sell their memorabilia for a profit, but according to multiple reports, Wilfork's son D'Aundre Holmes-Wilfork has been arrested for stealing a few of his precious items from his career. 

According to Galveston County Daily News, D'Aundre was arrested back on May 22, just weeks after his father called authorities to report several missing items that included jewelry, two AFC championship rings, a championship ring from his days with the Miami Hurricanes, and two Super Bowl rings he received while playing for the New England Patriots.

Wilfork initially realized that the items were missing while he was reportedly packing up his Friendswood, Texas home for a move back in May 2020. He couldn't recall if the jewelry was in storage or someplace else, so he didn't immediately report the items missing. However, earlier this year, a Patriots fan contacted Wilfork to tell him that they came across the rings on a memorabilia website where a person claimed they purchased the items.

The person in possession of the rings later told authorities that they gave D'Aundre $62,000 for the sports jewelry and later turned over the items to the Friendswood Police Department. D'Aundre Homles-Wilfork was arrested and held on a $300K bond, but it's reported that he's since been released.