Vince Staples Gets Creative With Google Maps In "FUN!" Video

Alex Zidel
November 02, 2018 12:50

Vince Staples is having some "FUN!" in his new video.

This year has been a quiet one for Vince Staples. We've been expecting something big from the artist but news wasn't clear until a few days ago when his tracklist appeared online. Sharing a release date with a few other high-profile projects, Vince has officially returned to the fray with FM! and so far, it's sounding good. We've been blessed with some creative endeavors when it comes to music videos this year. Artists have taken the medium and stretched it as far as they can in order to increase their exposure and Vince Staples was down for a new challenge with his latest single. Alongside his new album, the North Long Beach product has released a new music video for "FUN!"

The visuals have been getting a lot of coverage as the rapper decided to have some fun (pun fully intended) with Google Maps. Most of us navigate the streets using the app. It comes in handy when you're driving through areas you're unfamiliar with. Vince decided to bring that experience to the "FUN!" video, allowing fans to discover his home city, which he refers to as Norfy, through the navigational software. 

Down to the blurriness of the shot at times, this video is as accurate as can be. If you haven't yet listened to FM!, don't let it get lost in the shuffle. It's worth your attention.

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