Vince Staples sat down with HNHH recently for a insightful and comprehensive interview covering his upcoming album Summertime '06 from every conceivable angle. That said, Vince's recent interview with XXL had a couple humorous tidbits of its own... he had this to say when asked about the cultural impact of Vans when he was younger (when Vince had just turned 13 years old in summer '06):

Oh, we thought we were skateboarders when we were younger. That shit was crazy. We used to think that we was super duper rappers, super duper terror kiddy backer three time niggas, so Vans was important for us growing up. And they cheap as hell and Lil B the Based God and The Pack’s “Got My Vans On But They Look Like Sneakers” took over middle school. But as far as Vans in the West Coast, that’s some regular shit, man. Everybody has a pair of Vans. They know what they’re doing.

When asked what child actor he would want to play Summertime '06 in a film, he responded thusly:

"Richie from Family Matters, because my nigga had the cold jheri curl, man. And that really has nothing to do with me, just more the appreciation of the curl, because the curl is a dead art form."

[via XXL