A day late, but here's three tracks from last week that were lacking in views but good ish nonetheless.




Trouble- Let Them Tell it

I not only love this beat but the lyrics are on point. If you let them tell it...everybody's fake as fuck. True words from DTE's Trouble.

Johnny Polygon- My Shit >

Johnny Polygon is a Tulsa, Oklahoma native who has since moved out to L.A. I haven't heard any new music from Polygon in awhile, so I was happy to find out his debut album is coming soon, called “Pussy Gun.” This is a leak he let go off it. His shit  is definitely  >.

The Kid Daytona- Low (Remix) Feat. Jadakiss

Daytona enlists Jadakiss for the remix of his song “Low,” which has a jazzy-beat produced by Harry Fraud, and Jada's voice goes really well over it.