Ugly God is a man of many talents, including but not exclusive to beating his meat, splashing on your bitch with the water, and delivering cautionary warnings against the dangers of Black & Milds. Now, the Indiana rapper has scored an impressive milestone, earning a platinum plaque for his breakout single "Water." In a celebratory IG post, Ugly God wrote "Jesus turned water into wine, and Ugly God turned water into Platinum thanks to all of you guys." Standing in front of, well, a body of water, Ugly God flexes beside his plaque, promising new music will be "coming soon."

Ultimately, Ugly God's The Booty Tape was an interesting release, and some felt that it didn't live up to Ugly God's full potential. The rapper has consistently referred to his music as "trash," and seemed disappointed in the way The Booty Tape turned out. Despite that, The Booty Tape was still an enjoyable listen, albeit not quite as memorable as one might have hoped. Still, Ugly God's charisma and talent behind the boards are some of his strongest assets, and if he doubles down on those elements, his follow-up tape may very well take his career to the next level.

For now, "Water" remains his most iconic and commercially successful track, and the official video has clocked in over thirty-four million views. It remains to be seen whether or not Ugly God can surpass the lofty heights of his breakout hit, and only time will tell. Still, it's hard not to root for a man who so boldly allows a lizard to hang from his nose.

Congratulations to Ugly God, who once again proves that hip-hop is the world's dominant genre. Check out the celebratory IG post below, and keep an eye out for more music from the ugliest of Gods.