UFC President Dana White has announced the UFC will donate $1 million to the families of those affected by Sunday's mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, according to ESPN.

White told ESPN,

"At the end of the day, this is our city -- we love this place," White told ESPN. "The first thing when we got up this morning, everybody, personally, got it together and made sure anybody they know or love was OK. Then we came in here and made sure all of our employees are OK.

"Then you start thinking about this city, our hometown, and we felt we needed to do this. This is something we needed to do."

"Las Vegas has [billionaire businessmen] Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn. We have MGM Corporation and tons of other businesses that thrive in Las Vegas," White said. "We'll take care of our own.

"If anyone else out there wants to help Las Vegas right now, plan that next trip. Don't be afraid to come here. This city is safe. Tragedies are happening all over the world right now and it's horrible, but don't let it make you afraid to live."

In addition to the $1 million donation, White says the UFC 216 pay-per-view event on Saturday, which will be held at the T-Mobile Arena, will be "dedicated to the entire city of Las Vegas." 

Following the horrific attack that left at least 59 people dead and over 500 injured, Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak has set up a GoFundMe page in an effort to raise funds to assist the victims, and athletes, celebrities and citizens across the country have responded. 

The Oakland Raiders, who hope to open their new home in Vegas in 2020, made a $50,000 donation, Los Angeles Rams' offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth donated $25,000, while others like Mike Tyson, The Chainsmokers and Kid Rock pitched in $10,000 of their own money.

As of this writing, the Las Vegas Victims Fund has raised more than $3,185,000. Click here to donate.