Sadly, it feels like things are never quite smooth sailing for Tyrese. Today, TMZ has reported that the Fast & The Furious star is facing some financial troubles, brought on by his ongoing battle with ex-wife Norma Gibson. According to the publication, Norma is requesting that Tyrese foot the cost for her divorce attorney, which is made all the more difficult by Tyrese's already lofty monthly expenses. Apparently, Tyrese is struggling to keep up with his bills, which find the actor shelling out $114 thousand dollars in mortgage payments, groceries, utilities, and ten thousand dollars in child support fees. 

TMZ indicates that Tyrese is being stretched thin, as his reported monthly income right now is $51 thousand per month, on average. Impressive, to be sure, though insufficient when considering the aforementioned sum of monthly expenses. Apparently, he's already dropped significantly in savings, though that hasn't stopped Norma from putting her foot to the gas pedal. The actor claims her accusations of domestic abuse has made it difficult for him to land acting work, which has had a negative impact on his income. 

While divorce can almost always be messy to some degree, celebrities often have it particularly bad for several reasons. For one, it tend to happen with a staggering frequency, and second, their extensive net worth often leads to massive child support payments. We hope Tyrese can come through on top, as the man has been through a lot of late. 

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