2017 was a rough year for Tyrese, but he managed to win his long-standing custody battle with his ex-wife Norma Gibson. However, his legal battle with her is far from over. Tyrese demanded Norma reveal the receipts to her childcare costs earlier this year, arguing that he shouldn't pay for her $25/hour since she hasn't proved that she's actually employed. Despite this, she believes that "living life" qualifies as an actual job.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Norma Gibson responded to Tyrese's demand that she hand over receipts for childcare expenses. He said that during a deposition his lawyer asked her what she did on August 21st when she racked up seven hours of child care. Her reply was simply that she was "living life."

She continued, "I am working. I am working on my book. I am working on my life. I am running errands at home."

The answer didn't suffice for Tyrese's attorneys who believe that she's not being truthful. They said that Norma feels that because Tyrese is rich, she doesn't feel the need to get a job or contribute financially to raising their daughter and that he'll be the one who pays for everything.

Tyrese isn't actually upset or mad about paying child support. What he is frustrated about is Norma trying to get him to pay for her legal fees when she hasn't even tried to find employment.