Tyler, The Creator is known for both his controversial lyrics and outspoken personality. The OF rapper demonstrated both of these qualities at a recent Australia gig, after it was almost shut down by a protest formed by the grassroots organization, Collective Shout.

Tyler went on a rant defending his lyrics and attacking the protest, with one Collective Shout member in particular getting the bulk of the heat. “Fuckin bitch, I hope she hear me call her a bitch too. Fuckin whore. Aye this fuckin song is dedicated to you, you fuckin cunt,” he said of a woman he had earlier exchanged words with on Twitter, before launching into one of his more abrasive numbers "Domo 23."

The Wolf rapper satirized the objections of the organization, which has the goal of going “against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture,” by asking his fans if they would harm people after the show, as a result of his content. 

“Be honest, how many people are having a bad time and how many people are gonna go kill and rape people after they leave this show,” he asked mockingly.

Collective Shout hopes to have Tyler's visa revoked by Australia’s Minister for Immigration and Citizenship.

The incident comes shortly after another controversy involving the rapper, in which his Mountain Dew commercial was criticized for depicting black stereotypes.

Watch footage of Tyler's rants below.