Tyler, The Creator recently made a very memorable appearance on The Late Show and host Stephen Colbert clearly thought enough of the young rapper to send him quite the gift package.

Tyler shared the contents of the parcel on his Twitter page, at it was a retro-fied haul indeed. Made up of several Elizabeth Taylor DVDs and some cupcakes adorned with the actress' face, the Flower Boy rapper was ecstatic in his response: "THANKS AUNTIE COLLLL"

For those wondering about the reference, it came up in their conversation during his guest spot on the talk show, where Tyler detailed his first accidental encounter with Taylor's body of work. "I found a book one day lurking in Barnes and Noble and said, 'Oh my god, this little white lady got some nice stuff,' and called it a day," admitted Tyler, who can now show off his fandom with what is probably the best slumber party starter pack he's ever received.