Illegal Civ, a skate crew that makes videos and clothes based out of North Hollywood, dropped off a new video that sees some rare behind the scenes clips from Jonah Hill's directorial debut, Mid90s. The cast of the film, Na-kel Smith, Ryder Mclaughlin, Sunny Suljic, Kevin White, and Aramis Hudson, all make appearances as well as Jonah who is seen taking a few smoke breaks and working on set. 

Another appearance in the three and a half minute video comes from Tyler, The Creator who shares a "random thought" he had when it comes to racism and how people can get conditioned when it comes to the news.

"You fucking go on TV and there's a fucking dog attacking someone, every time you turn on the TV it's a fucking dog, 'A dog bit a five-year-old today!'" he says, as seen at the 1:11 mark. "When you go outside and you see a fucking dog, the only thing you know about dogs is that it fucking bites people. And it made me think . . . Are some people genuinely racist or is it all that they've seen of it? Just a random thought."

Watch in full below and let us know what you think.