The OFWGKTA rapper, Tyler, The Creator, was arrested in Los Angeles, California yesterday for vandilisim, according to a rep from the County Sherriff's department.

On Thursday night, December 22nd, Tyler had a performance with the Odd Future crew at the Roxy Theater. According to TMZ, Tyler trashed the sound equipement at the Roxy and the staff there contacted the police about it.

The cops took Tyler away on suspicion of vandalism, supposedly in front of his mother who was upset and yelling at them.

The Odd Future publicist, Heathcliff Berru, spoke on the incident via Twitter and said, "LAPD did @fucktyler dirty. And brought out a swat team and a ghetto bird to combat a bunch of teenagers... Cops came out with some anti riot gear too. Really? I never seen such a controlled group of kids."

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