Tyga recently posted side-by-side photos of himself and Tupac wearing matching basketball jerseys, captioning the pictures with one word; "Dad". 

The post received mixed reactions, as anything that involves using Tupac's image tend to, but Tyga has cleared up his intentions in a candid TMZ Interview. 

“I’m inspired by him as a student of the culture, especially my generation,” said the rapper. “My real father’s been in jail all my life so I never really knew my real father. Pac is like a father figure to me.”

Tyga had expanded on the role of Tupac's music in his life earlier on Twitter, sharing a letter he received from his dad, who's currently serving a life sentence, as well as some lyrics from Pac's 1993 single, "Keep Ya Head Up". View those posts, as well as the tweet that inspired all of this below.