In case you missed it yesterday, a couple photos surfaced online of Tyga & his baby mama Blac Chyna hanging out together at Six Flags Magic Mountain for their son King Cairo’s 5th birthday party. While the two looked to be amicable in the photos, it turns out that the two exes are cool with each other again, but solely for their son’s sake.

Sources told TMZ that this past weekend’s so-called reunion at Six Flags was at least two months in the making, and only happened thanks to King's nanny. Apparently the nanny was able to convince Tyga & Chyna to do a 3-way phone call and make peace for the betterment of their son. King was about to start kindergarten, which meant there would be upcoming activities requiring co-parenting, so the two are reportedly getting along for the time being.

Sources also added that before the 3-way phone call took place and the exes were caught hanging out this weekend, Blac Chyna didn't even have Tyga’s phone number, but now all is cool again along as their son King Cairo is around.

This report comes just days after a story came out that Tyga was hiding over $2 million dollars in shell companies that he reportedly owed other business owners. Apparently Tyga hasn’t paid a dime to former business partner Chuon Guen Lee even after she won the hefty amount in court following her lawsuit on the clothing company Last Kings. She says Tyga is hiding the money he’s making from Last Kings in other companies and not paying her (read more on that story here).

Aside from the gossip & legal woes though, it seems like Tyga has thankfully been putting more focus into his music career as of lately. Over the past few months, Tyga has released the sequel Bitch Im The Shit, dropped off a slew of singles both original & freestyles, and most recently teased a "singing album" which was shortly followed by the melodic single "Boss Up.” And yet there’s still even more on the way before the year ends too.

We’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward.