For all his controversial opinions, Charles Barkley sure knows how to deliver them in style, and when he took to his usual post on Christmas Day to act as an analyst during the Lakers and Timberwolves game, it was pretty hard to focus on the match whenever the 11-time All-Star opened up his mouth.

Key highlights in the latest edition of Charles Barkley's moments of comedy and insight included his announcing of State Farm as an NBA sponsor and subsequent commentary on why he doesn't like insurance while the Lakers and Timberwolves played on-screen.

"You know I hate insurance," he began." Your family wants money when you're alive. Then, they want moey when your dead, too."

The hilarity continued when Shaq tried to plug in his appreciation of The General auto insurance company with which he serves as a celebrity spokesperson. Barkley would soon warn Shaq, "You better quit talking about The General. They didn't pay for no advertising."

During the evening, Barkley went on to cite his distaste for several other things, including analytics, the new generation of NBA players, and doubled down on his opposition of the newest GOP tax reform bill via some good old-fashioned sarcasm.

"Those poor people can wait for it to trickle down," he reiterated. "They been waiting 400 years to trickle down"