Charles Barkley has found a sarcastic way of criticizing Donald Trump's latest legislative decision in releasing the newest tax cuts, which he sees as being "the biggest in American history." During a segment on TNT's Inside the NBA, a show which Barkley is a key analyst on, the former NBA pro was asked what he thinks he was receiving for Christmas this year, to which he flatly replied "that Republican tax cut."

He then goes on to exclaim that he is "going to trickle my fast ass down to the jewelry store and get me a new Rolex," further adding "I'm not going to pass it to nobody."

Barkley then gives some other scathing critiques of Trump's latest political move, saying "thank you, Republicans. I know I can always count on y'all to take care of us rich people, the 1 percenters. Sorry, poor people. I'm hoping for y'all, but y'all don't have no chance."

Barkley has loudly rejected Trump, his policies, and his elected personnel, and famously rallied for Doug Jones against disgraced Republican Senate hopeful Roy Moore, condemning his alleged sexual misconduct with multiple teenage girls. 

However, Charles Barkley isn't the only figure to come out and denounce the newest tax cut. In a trailer for Dave Chappelle's upcoming Netflix specials, the outspoken comedian similarly rips into Trump's intentions as president, and his absolute dismissal of the vast majority of poor and underprivileged American citizens. 

Watch the video where Charles Barkley sarcastically rips apart the tax cut bill below: 

Also, watch a clip from Dave Chappelle's latest Netflix special where he similarly talks about the status of poor folk in America: