Sunday (October 15th), The New York Jets and the New England Patriots face off in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium for an exciting match that ultimately ended in controversy after a call on which many are calling foul. Closing out with a score of 24-17, it was the Pats who would prove victorious as quarterback Tom Brady laid claim to the record for regular season victories, with the win over the Jets becoming his 187th as New England moved into the top spot in the AFC East.

While they got off to a choppy start, New England was able to come up from a deficit and tie the game at 14 just 9 seconds before halftime. The final score however, wasn’t concrete until a controversial replay review cost the Jets a crucial touchdown in the fourth quarters. It was Austin Seferian-Jenkins who caught a short pass from Josh McCown for what was perceived as a 4-yard touchdown.

However, officials’ review declared that Seferian-Jenkins lost control of the ball when he went out of bounds in the end zone, and called a touchback even though the ball never hit the ground.

“From my angle and replay, I didn't see the ball fumble," said Jets coach Todd Bowles after the game. "So, I saw it bobble and I saw green gain control of it and go from there."

Many of the general public’s reaction seemed to echo the same, with many showing outrage over what was seen as a terrible call that cost New York their fourth win in a row.

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