While some people just use Twitter as a way to find and share hilarious memes, other people use it for their professions (or just take memes more seriously than most). To better cater to these users (and also make a nice check), Twitter is reportedly considering adding a paid service for the most active Twitter users, in the form of an enhanced Tweedeck.

A few users were offered a survey yesterday showing what the new Tweetdeck might look like. If you like what you see, you’ll have to wait – the service won’t be ready for another few months at least. It’s also unclear how much it would cost to get the enhanced version. Twitter also made an announcement about the possible new feature, which you can read in full below. The biggest changes would be enhanced analytics and trend reports.

Twitter is considering offering an advanced TweetDeck experience, with more powerful tools to help marketers, journalists, professionals, and others in our community find out what is happening in the world quicker, to gain more insights, and see the broadest range of what people are saying on Twitter. Whether you use Twitter for work or just want to be more informed on the latest news, sports, entertainment, political viewpoints, and information in today’s world, this advanced TweetDeck experience will be designed to help you get even more out of Twitter.

This premium tool set will provide valuable viewing, posting, and signaling tools like alerts, trends and activity analysis, advanced analytics, and composing and posting tools all in one customizable dashboard. It will be designed to make it easier than ever to keep up with multiple interests, grow your audience, and see even more great content and information in real-time.

It would also offer extra features such as advanced audience insights & analytics, tools to monitor multiple timelines from multiple accounts and from multiple devices, including mobile, all in an ad-free experience

[via The Verge]