Even though Tupac has passed away, his estate is still making money off his albums' royalties. According to one of the administrator's of Pac's estate though, who happens to be his mother, they're not receiving all the royalties they should be.  In a new lawsuit the late rapper's mother filed against Entertainment One, she's asking for unpaid royalties from a posthumous Tupac album.

TMZ reports that Afeni Shakur is suing for $1.1 million over unpaid royalties stemming from the album Beginnings: The Lost Tapes. Afeni claims Entertainment One breached their contract by not paying Tupac's estate the royalties from the album which was released in June 2007.

According to the lawsuit, the rights to Pac's music was sold to E1 in July (previously the rights belonged to Death Row). Afeni is now going after $1.1 million she claims E1 owes the estate, as well she wants E1 to hand over the master recordings of all the rapper's unreleased music.