Troy Ave made quite the fashion statement on Friday when he walked into court wearing a full length fur coat and a bullet proof vest underneath it, but that wasn’t even all of it. Troy also wore a red baseball hat that personified the crack cocaine lifestyle, with the hat saying “Bake Water Whip Weight Again” across the front.

As outlandish as his outfit was, it didn’t rub the judge any wrong way as Troy was granted permission to perform in NYC again. “He has a couple of tour dates lined up,” his lawyer John Stella said. “They'll start announcing them as early as (Saturday). He’s got an event in North Carolina that's coming together. He's very happy."

"I feel blessed, I feel enthusiastic about my shows coming up," Troy said about the judge’s decision.

Peep his outrageously funny outfit in the gallery (above) and sound off in the comments.

[Via NY Daily News]