Appearing as a feature on some of the hottest recent tapes, and on the heels of dropping a successful project himself with Bricks In My Backpack 3, Troy Ave is gearing up to drop what he considers his first full album.  In a recent interview he also talks about his plans to put off signing with a major label until the project is released, and how much of an impact he can have recording with label money instead of street money.

Asked what about he is currently working on, the New York rapper says he has an independent album in the works, “I got a big project called New York City...Imma call that my debut album, I called Bricks an album, but, that’s gonna be some shit.”  No confirmed date is set, but the Brooklyn emcee says it is, “coming late Spring, early Summer.”

For now the rapper plans to stay indie until New York City is released, but then figures he will sign with a major, “I’m probably gonna stay independent until the next album drop, then I’m gonna succumb to the pressures of the labels giving me alotta money, lotta up front money.” 

Troy then talks about how great his music will be when he is financially backed by a studio, as now he is recording quality music with just “street money, “ as he says, “Look what I’m doing with no budget, imagine when I get to the point where I got a budget...we doin all this with street money, this shit is out of pocket.”