Troy Ave appeared in court earlier today for charges stemming from the fatal Irving Plaza shooting that left his bodyguard and best friend dead. The hearing, which was meant to address scheduling, was pushed back due to health problems his lawyer is dealing with. The rapper caught up with Vulture shortly after to give an eccentric interview about his love for fishing, his fashion choices, and vintage newspaper clippings.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images 

While the rapper's court appearance was brief, he gave an interesting interview to the publication discussing a variety of topics. The rapper donned coyote vest -- he, apparently, wears fur coats to all court hearings -- and an "ushanka-esque sable hat" with a raccoon tail during his hearing. He explained that the inspiration behind the attire. "It’s in honor of Ed Norton in The Honeymooners, the Raccoon Lodge,” he said. Adding that his fashion sense derives "from my personality and where I live. I live in a cold place.”

The rapper later revealed that he had asked the court for permission to travel to Alaska or Cape Cod to fish, adding that he "loves fishing." He also revealed the time his friends tried to force him to hunt bear, but he believes killing an innocent animal is "innocent."

Troy Ave did speak on his legal situation, but not too extensively. When asked if he wants his case to go to trial, he responded, "I wanna do what my lawyers advise." He continued to insist that someone else fired the first shot that night and he simply shot back after getting the gun from the murderer.

During a visit to the press room at the 100 Centre Street courthouse, the writer pointed out that Troy Ave was particularly interested in the old newspaper clippings on the wall. She specified that a New York Post cover from 1980 that read, "POLICE HIDE LENNON KILLER FROM FANS" resonated with Ave.

“That could have been me,” He said. “I could have been a dead celebrity.”

Peep the whole interview here.