Troy Ave's legal situation has constantly loomed over his career for the past two years. The rapper's facing charges stemming from the Irving Plaza incident in 2016 that left his bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter, dead after getting shot. The rapper was charged with one count of second degree attempted murder but he's constantly maintained his innocence throughout the trial. While the case is still ongoing, the rapper's now facing travel bans which is ultimately preventing him from being able to perform in his city and elsewhere

Troy Ave took to Instagram shortly after he left the NYC Criminal Court and had a few things to get off his chest. The rapper revealed that he's facing a travel ban even though he made half a million for bail. The travel ban is preventing him from bringing in any sort of income. 

"This is wack, this an injustice." He said. "They need to free Troy Ave. I can't go out the country to perform. How? I'm on a half a million dollar bail. It don't make no sense. Why I can't perform in my own city? How? I'm not the villain. This crazy. They need to free Troy Ave, man."

He continued to speak on his legal situation and the situation at Irving Plaza.

"How is there no self-defense in New York City?" He said about the State's law. "He killed an unarmed child... He tried to take my life and I can't defend myself. That's crazy. I guess I would've had more rights if I had laid down and died that night."

Peep the video below.