If this is the first you've heard of Lani Blair I wouldn't fault you one bit, but that doesn't mean she is going get hers. Lani Blair is known primarily as the woman who wedged herself vied for Tristan's affection in the early stages of Khloe's pregnancy. Blair reportedly went into hiding shortly after the cheating scandal went public, only to return completely revitalized with eyes on the bigger picture. Now that her profile has shot up Blair is looking to promote a series of Meet and Greets, in which her adoring fans can line up to see her face to face, all in a Nightclub environment conducive to spending money. 

Lani Blair begins her campaign on June 9 at Crazy Horse III in Las Vegas. The strip club is promoting the Meet and Greet throughout their social circles. They posted the following message via their event page. "Blair will celebrate her birthday with close friends and fans at the award-winning gentlemen's club, where she’ll be presented with an oversized cake and champagne."

Page Six reports that patrons that opt for bottle service will be offered the chance to actually confer with Lani Blair. Think of all the questions you'd like to ask? She spent the night with Tristan in a New York Hotel days before Khloe gave birth to True 'Blue' Thompson. Maybe the NBA baller was simply checking out for one night only before he gave himself up entirely. Don't get it twisted.