If you're just finding out about the this whole Tristan Thompson cheating scandal then you're a little late to the party, but we'll still fill you in. The Cavs player was filmed making out with 28-year-old Lani Blair on Saturday and the video went viral just yesterday. Since then more footage has been released of Tristan kissing other women in October and Lani was even said to have shared a sex tape that she has since deleted. 

Since the allegations first started appearing on the web, the Twitterverse went into a frenzy with people sharing their two cents. Since more and more details have since emerged, such as all the Jenner/Kardashian sisters unfollowing Tristan on Instagram, Khloe reportedly experiencing early contractions, and the mistress claiming she had no idea that Khloe was pregnant - Twitter has reached a whole new level.

We'll start off with some comical GIF reactions:

Aside from these short clips, users are also sharing statements and pics on the matter.

Then we have the homie C Tha God who has an interesting theory...

And then there's the person who's simply in denial of the evidence...

What do you guys think?