Sometimes, a judge might decide that books need to be thrown, and dole out harsh punishments accordingly. In the case of Trippie Redd's recent legal snafu, however, the rapper managed to emerge relatively unscathed. You might recall that last summer, Trippie and Lil Wop found themselves arrested after a brawl in Atlanta, that left rapper FDM Grady with a busted lip, among other injuries. 

At the time, Grady explained that Redd was being disrespectful to his girlfriend, which ultimately incited the conflict.  "Them n***as came to the crib, Trippie was being disrespectful to my lady, and I wasn't going for that shit," he explains. "So I stood my ground as a man. Shit, I'm gon' stand behind my lady. We had a few words, bro said what he said, said 'he had a n***a gon' burn me,' shit I pulled my strap right then and there." 

Now, TMZ has reported that Trippie will cop a plea deal, which means no jail time, and very little probation. After the bulk of the charges were dropped, Trippie ultimately has to serve six months of probation (though his criminal record might prove an annoyance come border-crossing time). He also has to pay Grady a total of $2,425 in restitution. Overall, a relatively low cost for siccing the goons out willy nilly.