Vic Mensa's reported XXXTentacion diss has made him a public enemy of sorts, especially to those in X's inner circle. "Vic Mensa, pull up," says Trippie Redd, baring his fangs for an added intimidation bonus. "Pull up to LA. We want to fight. He dissing passed away people and shit. Lame ass dude." Though Redd credits Mensa for having two enjoyable tracks, he proceeds to label his greater discography as "trash." "I surely realized why he ain't really pop off, why he ain't make it to the level he wants to be at" reflects Trippie. "Dude really trash though. N***as ain't heard of him since, how that song go, oh you maaaaad huh?" 

He proceeds to laugh maniacally, teeth glittering in the process. "You gotta buff up your security bud, how you going to do anything?" says Trippie. "Now everybody gonna beat your ass?" An entourage member ponders if the clout was ultimately worth it.

It doesn't appear that Vic intends on backpedaling anytime soon. He recently doubled down on his stance, while issuing an apology to XXXTentacion's mother. It's entirely possible that Mensa takes aim at Trippie's own history; Redd was previously accused of pistol-whipping a woman in the back of the head. Regardless of all that, it does seem likely that Mensa will have to tread carefully in the coming months, given the antagonistic nature of his comments. Hopefully, this situation can dissipate before violence pops off.