After swearing off rap beef for the foreseeable future, it was supposed to be smooth sailing for Trippie Redd from this point on in his career. Feuding with 6ix9ine and XXXTentacion over their controversial pasts, Trippie appeared to be the good guy in the situation. With new music coming out imminently, his fans were excited to hear what the Canton artist could come up with for a full-length album. While he has been previewing several of his new songs on Instagram, he landed himself in some hot water after getting arrested with Lil Wop for jumping FDM Grady. According to DJ Akademiks, Trippie's most recent arrest stems from him pistol-whipping a woman.

While it is currently unclear if the two incidents are related, Trippie was allegedly taken to jail for assaulting a woman, pistol-whipping her in the head. In a video obtained by Akademiks, the alleged victim explains, "I was chilling at my homegirl's house and I basically fell off with Trip and them and his b-tch [Angvish] like a week ago and I just stopped fucking with them." She went on to detail exactly what happened, saying, "Right when I came to the house, [OVO] Ceejay comes and is like 'Man, get this b-tch the fuck out, immediately,' cause we already had beef. So then Trippie runs down the stairs with his b-tch." When the alleged victim proceeded to get in Angvish's face, Trippie allegedly pistol-whipped her in the back of the head, forcing her to the ground. 

The woman noted that Trippie only acted up to protect his girlfriend, trying to be "Captain Save-a-Hoe." If the story is indeed true, it makes the rapper's beef with XXXTentacion and 6ix9ine pretty pointless considering he would have stooped just as low as them. We'll need to wait to hear what Trippie has to say to make any clear judgments.